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Everyone deserves to play a little. Play is fundamental to excellent mental health. That’s why Brushes & Cocktails caters to adults! Because we need to play the most. There are plenty of children’s activities to find around the city.

How many activities have you found where adults can play together? 


Brushes & Cocktails is also a great networking event for Conventions or conferences. After a long day of talks, participants from out of town are looking for something to do afterwards. We offer a 2.5 hr program with well-instructed,  comical entertainment as everyone taps into their creative being with laughter and cocktails. Wine always makes the process less intimidating and very relaxing. We have experienced the results of more outstanding networking with stronger ties just because they experienced a great event together and had a chance to get to know one another better.
To get a quote for your event, contact us at: paint@brushesevents.com

Our other expertise is in community building.

We offer monthly and occasional paint events to the residents of luxury rental buildings, like TriconResidential, one of our lovely partners. In addition, you can find B&C at The Selby and The Taylor in Downtown Toronto.

We have learned that community events help resident retention and a sense of home and community.

Brushes & Cocktails offers for a flat fee, including supplies for up to 25 residents at a time. Knowing that larger groups won’t have as positive an experience, we cap our events. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring in more artists to accommodate a larger event.

B&C also offers a pay-per-person model, where residents pay for the events directly. Again, what are your needs? I will work with you to develop something that works for your needs.


We plan engaging programs for the number of events your building wants to host.

You can reach out to Donna Y anytime for more information through email at paint@brushesevents.com

Group photo of APC Networking paint night group.

“Art and the act of creating have saved my sanity in many life-changing times.
When I was raising toddlers, pottery gave me an outlet; when I was raising a preemie, art gave me sanity through the struggles, even if it was just a journal of poetry. I broke my back and took four years to recover; art and writing were there to help the depression when life changed so dramatically for everyone. Raising three children from a bed was a journey of resilience and fighting back to regain as much participation in life as I could.


Working on the ‘Drawing Lyme Out Loud’ exhibit gave my daughter and me a voice when all we had was hope and living with some devastating changes that required us to be strong.


When life or the world gets too hard to handle, I make something pretty to fight back. Expressing my emotions into my creative artwork gives me the release that is sometimes needed to reset my nervous system. I want to provide everyone with an opportunity to tap into the healing that art can offer.”

Donna Y

Meet Donna Y: Owner, Artist, Community Builder...
Donna Y sitting on a wooden set of stairs, smiling and looking off to the right.

Donna Y was born in Montreal and moved to Toronto a few years ago. She possesses a BA in Psychology and a DEC in Graphic Design. Her tour DE force is a passion for community and creative self-discoveries. “Seeing the joy on people’s faces as they look at their creations is a reward that keeps giving.

“I believe everyone is creative in one way or another, and fear is what keeps us from expressing it.” So Donna ensures the atmosphere is calm, relaxed and enjoyable no matter where the events are held, even virtual live events when in-person events are impossible. There is always a salting of humour to ease the tensions some may feel. Besides, having fun and unplugging from the world is always good. Giving back to the community in meaningful ways is at the core of Donna’s ethics.
Donna has ten years of photo styling and is the lead photo editor for a global children’s toy company.

A life of creativity has always followed her as a published author of essays and poetry.  The challenges were met with gusto to bring Lisa’s book to life when illustrating “Making Space – Choosing Quality Over Quantity” by Lisa Ricciuti. Donna is a self-taught artist who took a few courses at Westmount Visual Arts Center in Montreal to add to her already prolific artistic endeavours. A craft guru and instructor in the ’80s, pottery and sculpture combinations for 15 yrs., exhibiting 2x annually, Photoshop paintings, acrylic paintings that replicate photos of unique places, charcoal nude abstracts, and abstract paint pours are among the series of works Donna has created for exhibits. Her Drawing Lyme Out Loud exhibit has been displayed at 12 locations since 2015. With public speaking events about Lyme disease. As a multi-modal artist, Donna constantly explores new mediums and creates some compelling pieces.

This June, Donna is presenting a seminar at the Toronto APC with her seminar: 5 Benefits of Creativity to Achieve a more Positive Mindset
She is also offering this networking event which she is very excited about.

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