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Donna Y was born in Montreal and recently moved to Toronto, she possess a BA in Psychology and a DEC in Graphic Design. Her tour DE force is a passion for community and creative self- discoveries. “Seeing the joy on people’s faces as they look at their creations is a reward that just keeps giving. I believe everyone is creative in one way or another and fear is what keeps us from expressing it.” So Donna makes sure the atmosphere is calm, relaxed and enjoyable no matter where the events are held even virtual live or YouTube. There is always a salting of humour to ease the tensions some may feel. Besides, it’s always good to have some fun and unplug from the world. Giving back to the community in meaningful ways is at the core of Donna’s ethics.
Donna has 10 years of: photo-styling and Lead photo editor for a major children’s toy company.

A life of creativity has always followed her as published author of essays and poetry.  When illustrating “Making Space – Choosing Quality Over Quantity” by Lisa Riccuti. Donna is a self- taught artist who took a few courses at Westmount Visual Arts Center in Montreal to add to her already prolific artistic endeavors. A craft guru and instructor in the 80’s, pottery and sculpture combinations for 15 yrs., exhibiting 2x annually, Photoshop paintings, acrylic paintings replicating photos of special places, charcoal nude abstracts.

Donna’s Drawing Lyme Out Loud exhibit has been on display at 12 locations since 2015 along
with public speaking about Lyme disease. As a multi-modal artist who is always exploring new mediums and creating some very powerful pieces. Recently 3 pieces from the D.L.O.L. series has been accepted to Artusiasm Art Gallery Collaborate “Stories” exhibit. Stay tuned for the virtual exhibit.


“Art and creating has saved my sanity in many life changing times. When I was raising the toddlers, pottery gave me an outlet, when I was raising a preemie art gave me sanity through the struggles. I broke my back and took 4 years to recover, art and writing were there to help the depression of life changing so dramatically. It has also given me a voice to express wrongs.
‘Drawing Lyme Out Loud’ gave my daughter and I a voice, to live through the incredibly difficult times. When the world gets too hard to handle, I make something pretty to fight back. I give everyone a chance to tap into the healing of art.”

Donna Y.


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The Brushes & Cocktail Story...

Not so long ago in a land not very far away, Donna took out some pots of paint and brushes and offered to entertain the people in her own condo building palace. More and more people showed up to these great monthly events. Word of mouth spread on every floor and Donna saw something special was happening. Friends were being made, a joyful atmosphere was created.

It fast became the highlight of the month for so many. Donna knows adults do not have enough playtime, and with loneliness at such high levels.


Brushes & Cocktails had to offer a creative, screen experience that could unite their unique communities safely from home together in live virtual events. Everyone needs a touch of sanity with a whole lot of laughter. This girl will take on the challenge in her unique style- through bringing programs that offer fun and healing aspects of art to painters where they are (including shelters or workplaces). This made Donna very happy as she leaves each event full of love, and inspiration from all the happy painters who want to play again and again. There were so many canvases after a year that Donna decided the children should have a turn on all those paintings that were piling up in everyone’s homes, including her own. So she ventured out into the big big city her palace looked over, and soon she found a new place in town, called ArtCity. This was where some children played who could never pay for art classes like the others. This meant only one thing, the children had more to paint on than paper month after month. Everyone in the community lived happily art after.

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