Condo & Apartment Communities

All of our services have been adapted for COVID precautions and safety as we consider all our painters’ wellbeing. That is why we also offer hybrid versions with limited people live in-person in the room with Donna and those who choose to remain remote. Your requests during these unique times can be accommodated with creative ingenuity.

A group of people showing off their completed paintings of a tree silhouetted by a crescent moon.
Group of people showing off their completed abstract paintings of various jazz instruments.

We can create an exceptional ambiance for your gathering on zoom, including great background playlists. Just fill out the form below to inquire about booking your next virtual event with us. All of our services have been adapted for COVID times. We now operate virtually and concentrate on the Health and well-being of all our painters. We can handle it. So don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange get-togethers for any reason. B & C will make it unique.

Bring staff together for some social distancing fun, or bring your family and friends together. You won’t be lost in our virtual events. For an extra fee, we can ship materials to your guests.

Anywhere you want to foster a stronger community, we have fun and exciting events sure to engage.  The emphasis is always on fun!

Make your celebration an Event.

Note: You can arrange for a monthly program for regular get-togethers. Fill out the form below and put monthly or 3x a year in the occasion field. We will get right back to you. Let’s get painting!

Group photo of APC Networking paint night group.

Corporate Events

Everyone needs some playtime, including adults! Show your employees you appreciate all they do for you. We offer events for

Employee Appreciation

Team building, where we create one big painting from smaller canvases.

Volunteer Appreciation

What a great way to say thank you. Offer a fun event with laughs and creativity.

Customer Appreciation

Provide some excellent entertainment for your customers.


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